progettazione 3D

We want all our customers to perceive the high level of professionalism of our design skills. We use polygonal solid modeling software (Rhinoceros), parametric (Grasshopper) and digital sculpture (ZBrush). All our services, and this one in particular, are designed to have the possibility of dealing with the customer and being able to rely on rapid prototyping tools. You can confidently rely on our professionalism and our ability to produce even the most complex models.



mold design and 3d printing

The digital design allows us to go directly to 3D printing with clay bodies. We are experts in molding through plaster and silicone rubber molds in order to be able to reproduce the model serially with slipcasting or press production.


rapid design and prototyping

We are professionals in solid computer modeling to design digitally in polygonal, parametric and digital sculpture modeling. We can scan an existing model in 3D, modify it and print it according to request in different materials. We make plaster and silicone rubber molds for serial production, CNC milling operations on wood and polyurethane foams for the creation of  3D models, molds with different materials, including clays.