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garage laboratorio a matera
Laboratorio ceramica stampa 3d

Terraferma is a brand of Fabinitaly srls, a startup born in a garage in Matera, in 2015 in via Giovanni Palatucci. It was an old workshop, and I liked it because it was the right place to start making the first experiments. After building a 3D ceramic printer based on an open source project by John Keep, I started experimenting with some mixtures and some models and I designed a proto architecture printed project.

Thus was born Fabterre, a project selected as part of an international call from the XXI edition of Triennale Design Milano, hosted at the Ex Fabbrica del Vapore. From there it all started, a long path of research and learning with the help of some ceramic masters, a special thanks goes to them Michele Colonna and Paolo Lorusso, both active in Altamura.

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