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diy cantiere architettura e arredi laboratorio studio design terraferma
Terraferna Studio before restoration in 2016

Among the inspiring principles of our activity there is the value of collaboration and the ability to think about the profession of design and craftsmanship as an essential work through the newtork of collaborators, suppliers and customers, in town and the outside the world, and in general we trust in the values of diversity and sharing. However when this story started I had to do most of the sartup work with my own strength, animated by the spirit Do it Yourself (do it yourself), and below I will tell you the fateful first mile, the foundation of Studio Terra da zero to one.zero.

After a few months / years of sailing as a captain on sailing boats, many sacrifices and a great determination to materialize my professional goals as a designer to found a personal studio, I did it with my own hands and the help of some good local craftsmen between Altamura and Matera. Thus Terraferma was born in 2017, and I decided to take 'home' in a place found in the historic center of Matera, in Via Gattini 17, a street lined with two rows of lime trees that in spring create a very nice and shady green perspective corridor , hosting birds and a quiet atmosphere with little traffic, in short, a perfect place to install a laboratory study. It is a very beautiful district of Matera, built in the 1930s-40s after Piccianello district , by the IFACP (Fascist Autonomous Institute of Popular Houses), proposing an architectural type of rural house with courtyard houses and pitched roofs jutting out onto the street front. In my studio, on the street level originally there was a house equipped with a fireplace and chimney, and later until the 2000s the studio of a photographer.

The room is vaulted with a single barrel according to the 'lamione' type with tufo walls and the necessary area to furnish a studio, not without good design to exploit all the spaces, and create a partition with a studio-shop area with a nice showcase on the street, a 'box' to contain dirty work and a workshop area to house the oven and machines. It has been a long, expensive job but done exactly to custom my studio as it is, a small overturned hull, with spaces equipped to optimize all the functions it hosts, and frankly a beautiful place where I can host my clients and present the my works.

Opening: on 20.12.2017 I opened the space to present it to friends, and since then studio is in constant evolution accepting input of the customers, new orders, and the many requests we receive for orders and special products. I wait for you in the studio to offer you a coffee and personally present our products and services.

foto di cantiere

opening pictures december 2017

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