Plastico per il Parco Murgia Matera

With this short post we tell and illustrate a year-long work, the creation of a landscape model for the Parco Murgia Matera, now exhibited at the Parco dei Monaci visitor center.

The elaboration of the altimetric data was extracted from the GIS cartographic maps of the Basilicata regional fund. The work prepared on a scale of 1: 500 was then processed for milling processing on polyurethane plates.

After the milling, the assembly with gluing and stucco and a preparation of the base, the work was decorated by the decorators of Team Art Studio, according to a faithful reproduction of the satellite data of soil and territory. The model was equipped with about twenty points of interest modeled and 3D printed.

The model of the Park can be visited at the Masseria Parco dei Monaci site, the visitor center from which the park guides organize the visits. In the gallery and in the video the final result.

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