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CeramDesign & Pottery

"Since I opened my design studio in Matera in 2017, I have always had one goal in mind: to create innovative, high quality and affordable design ceramics, able to surprise our ever-growing clientele. We offer a series of unique professional services, such as 3D clay printing and other rapid prototyping services. I have exhibited in the recent past at Maker Faire Rome, Triennale Design Milano, Manifesta18 Palermo, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Source Firenze, Fucina Madre in Matera, Pino Pascali Museum Foundation at Polignano a Mare. Explore our website and discover some of our latest works. Call us today to schedule an introductory meeting "

Giovanni Diele



Creative. Sustainability oriented. Never stopping research,

From the creative process to craftsmanship: we want to make sure that all customers find exactly what they are looking for. The services offered by Terraferma are based on a functional and sustainable design. We are specialized in ceramic and digital design. The activity takes place between ceramic art (wheel, slipcasting, and slabs) and digital experimentation (3D modeling, CNC, 3D printing).
If you have any further questions after reviewing the services offered, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Artistic and functional ceramics


Rapid design and prototyping


Individuals and groups

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Via Giuseppe Gattini, 17, 75100 Matera MT, Italy

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